Apocalyse headed for Vegas

There’s absolutely no doubt about it: Caesar’s Palace is the perfect venue for an all-out battle between good and evil.

Imagine it: Hundreds of Roman-inspired statues all waiting to be used as henchmen or fireballs in the coming apocalyse – and where else to have the show-down but in the world’s favourite Sin City.

Sigh. There was a lot of research involved. This included relaxing on a banana chair in front of the pool, walking through the Forum shops (yet another statue to discover) and scribbling away in coffee shops. Max Brenner Rules!

Finally, before packing my bags and returning to Aussie Land, I had a lot of my final battle worked out. Whether Miranda/Morganna will have her final showdown with Lucifer in the middle of Caesars Palace, Sin City, is yet to be decreed (I’m still weighing up options).

But I can assure you that if Vamp’s apocalyptic ending does happen that way, there’s gonna be a lot of rubble (and not the Fred Flintstone kind)…