Free: The first 12 chapters of The Blood She Betrayed

Ch1If you’ve been waiting to sample my debut Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel The Blood She Betrayed, there’s no better time than now – my Publisher Lindy Cameron surprised guests at my Facebook launch party on Friday with a special surprise: you can download the first 12 chapters of The Blood She Betrayed for free from HERE.

Lindy and Clan Destine Press will let you know as soon as the full book is online at Clan Destine and other sites, including Amazon. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the first 12 chapters. Do email me as I’d love to hear from you.

Shah promo 2As part of my Hearts & Talons Tour, I’m visiting Jenai at Bookingly Yours and Amanda Bridgeman at her fabulous author website (it’s out of this world) today. I talk to Jenai about superheroes, strong heroines and unexpected plots, while Amanda discovers my childhood love of Dr Who and Blake’s Seven, how I force teen characters to grow in unexpected ways and how David Eddings lost me a fat yellowbelly on one family fishing trip (Blame Sparhawk, honest!). If you’re interested in science fiction, check out Bridgeman’s debut novel, Aurora: Darwin. Full details can be found at her website HERE.




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