The 7.30 Project

Well, it’s not the 7.30 Report, nor is it the 7pm Project, but journo buddy Kallee and I are doing a “write-in” session at night on FaceBook, as we plough into our new works-in-progress. Each night this week, we raced to be home and glimpsing our reflections in our laptop screens by 7.30 on the dot (okay, 15 dots after that). On the first night, words streamed from my fingers… about 1500 of them (words, not fingers… imagine what you could do with that!). On the second night, I squeezed out less (haven’t a clue of the word count) and on the third night… One begins to wish she hadn’t given up red wine – even if temporarily. My brain cells have to work without the inspiration of squashed, fermented grapes. The Ghost She Killed is evolving, but any slower and I may as well turn multi-dimensional myself!

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