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beautiful woman with red cloak in studio

Pool of Rathorne: A girl in hiding, a deadly curse, a prophecy some would do anything to destroy… Concealing her hideous affliction beneath a witch’s robes and spells, Tash Severin embarks on a journey that may be her only hope of living a normal life, free of pain and scorn. The Pool of Rathorne’s healing waters promise a cure in a world where the crippled are shunned and the Cursed are imprisoned. But a chance meeting with the enigmatic Raoul Duberger changes Tash’s journey – and her life. Beneath his expensive cloak and aristocratic presence, Raoul also hides his true identity. His lies are a foil for deadly truths, some of which may change her destiny forever.

In a kingdom where secrets are worth killing for, does Tash have the courage to trust this stranger and risk her life? And maybe change the future of an oppressed land forever?

Available from Amazon US for US99c or from Amazon Australia for Au$1.40.