Imaginations soar as Facebook party rocks into the night

Miranda Shoe enjoys a mango sorbet cocktailSipping Shahkara cocktails at our glitzy reception venue. Roasting marshmallows on a dude’s talons at the beach. Glamming it up in glitzy ballgowns or dressing down in Cookie Monster pyjamas.

A Facebook party is only limited by the imaginations of your guests so it’s not surprising that last week’s The Blood She Betrayed launch party was an epic success (especially when it 130 vivid imaginations).

Writing and publishing this book (and previous manuscripts) has been a long journey for me. During that time, I’ve been luckyShane enough to make many friend, not just with emerging and published authors, but a heap of non-writers (including some non-readers) who accept that “the book stuff” is a big chunk of who I am, but still love me all the same.

Friday night was a chance to celebrate with all my friends – and what a night it was! Dean J Anderson (right, dressed as Don Johnson) and felloAuthor Dean J Anderson dressed up as Don Johnsonw Bundaberg Writers Club members were ringleaders in the party antics. There was arm wrestling with Shahkara, necking on the couch and loud music, as characters from various authors’ books come together to plot out mischief.

Highlights of the night included the serving of the Shahkara cocktail and five fab giveaways. For those who missed the event, here’s a list of the winners:

Winner #1: Rieckie Muchow (Ice Gorian necklace)

Winner #2: Jodie Williams (Clan Destine title of her choice)

Winner #3: Charlott Wood (The Blood She Betrayed T-shirt)

Winner #4: Laree Chapman (Shahkara web necklace)

Winner #5: Jacqui Read (Heart Hunters bracelet)

A big thanks to Miranda Shoe (that’s her at the top of the page, sipping a mango Shahkara) who managed the names for every draw. I couldn’t have kept track of all the entries without her. Thanks, Min! Check out Miranda’s new TumblR page HERE.

Pendant1Since Clan Destine Press is yet to release the full eBook, I’ve saved two of the giveaways from the party so we can draw them once The Blood She Betrayed goes live. The first is a gorgeous Shahkara pendant, designed and handmade by local artist Chris from Ekko Glass Design at Moore Park. The pendant was designed in honour of The Blood She Betrayed‘s launch. The smaller prize is a bracelet from The Bling Thing, Hervey Bay, which also captures the vivid colours of my book’s cover.bracelet1

I’ll let everyone know as soon as they can download the full eBook from Clan Destine Press and Amazon. In the meantime, make sure you download for free the first 12 chapters of The Blood She Betrayed from THIS SITE.

Thank you, everyone, for being part of my special night.  It meant the world to me, multiple worlds, in fact, and the more I write of the Heart Hunter series, the more you’ll get to discover those worlds.