The Blood She Betrayed labelled new YA sensation

My soon-to-be published The Blood She Betrayed today attracted its first online review from Booknut 101 at 21st Century Once Upon a Times, with a 5/5 star rating!

New YA SensationEven better, Booknut devised the best tagline I’d heard in months: Taloners may eat your heart but humans can steal it.” This line truly captures the extreme dangers that Shahkara faces, both physical and emotional, on her journey.

The review, which you can read here, was beautifully crafted and one can tell that Booknut is a talented wordsmith and reviewer who will one day, most likely, forge her own career from ink, paper and iPads. Booknut has both a layered and polished writing style. Brilliant.

Reading reviews of my book is still a novelty for me. What strikes me the most is how beautifully other readers can capture the magic of my story – but using their own words and their own voice. Seeing them repackage the details of my novel is truly delightful – and fascinating.

Here are a couple of more teasers from Booknut’s review:

“Brawls, wicked intentions, romance, destiny and magic collide in a novel that is sure to have you hooked until the very last word.”

“With effortless humour, vivid detail and a cast of relateable characters, The Blood She Betrayed┬áis a refreshing change from your usual YA fiction, reshaping myths and creating worlds that will entice and engage readers across the world.”

I certainly hope Booknut’s predictions come true!

This review has also been posted at goodreads.


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