Facing up to The Blood She Betrayed radio interview

4BU Logo CMYKMy stomach tightened with nerves as I stepped into the Bundaberg Broadcasters building on Friday, ready for my first radio interview on my Hearts & Talons Tour.

This was no big deal, I tried to justify. I’d studied radio at university, though the mikes were a lot bigger then, almost the size of Cookie Monster’s hand (when filled with cookies). Besides, up until 10 years ago, I had been interviewed on 4ZR radio twice a week, telling Maranoa residents about the latest Western Star headlines.

But when I entered that radio studio on Friday, the nervous author inside me cringed and wished I could be anywhere else, maybe even trade places with my heroine Shahkara as she fought off a gathering of demons. After all, my half-Taloner character has long, sharp talons and, better still, doesn’t have to answer back when slashing an enemy’s throat.

Fortunately, I wasn’t facing Taloners, but being interviewed by 4BU’s Billy Healy on Wide Bay Today. This is Billy:

242 Radio

See? He doesn’t look scary at all. I’m a bit concerned he’s trying to imitate Superman’s flying skills without the cape. Maybe he should hire some power jets or at least chat to Iron Man. Come to think of it, Billy looks a bit like actor Kevin Spacey without the hair (if you don’t count Spacey’s devious role as Luthor in Superman Returns).

Seriously, Wide Bay Today presenter Billy Healy was a fun, fun guy and immediately put me at ease. He even asked questions that rekindled memories I’d long forgotten – stuff like electric typewriters, Tim Winton and the 1990 Writers Train and Yuleba State School. Oh, those were the days!

I walked out of the studio, thinking author radio interviews weren’t so bad, but grateful I could scamper back to my computer nook and squeeze some Heart Hunters plotline in before lunch-time.

Listen to the interview with Billy Healy on 4BU’s Wide Bay Today by clicking below

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