How my Taloner demons evolved

Shakara hand pommelEver wondered how an author creates a demon race, half based on mythology and half on the nuances of their creepy mind? I’m blogging about the inspiration behind my dark Taloners (and my Shahkara half-Taloner Shahkara) at DarkSiders DownUnder today with the tormented title, Unleashing the Demon Within.

Here’s a sneak peak of the full version published at DarkSiders DownUnder: “A child’s fingers curled around the outside rim of a partially-open coffin… my courageous Heart Hunters heroine Shahkara evolved from this single, spooky image after it flashed through my mind more than five years ago. Those tiny, lifeless fingers didn’t belong to my Shahkara, but their discovery forced her to unearth and expose a horrifying cover-up…” Read more here.

Thanks to DSDU volunteer Colleen Simpson (aka Aussie author CM Simpson, Carlie Simonsen and a raft of other pen-names) for designing this blog. You can find out more about Colleen’s MANY novels here.

To an awesome day, UF fans! Remember, it’s not the demons you face but how you face them!




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