Shahkara – finished!

Happy New Year! Yay! I am exhausted but totally satisfied after spending the past week finishing my rewrites on Shahkara. I planned to spend the Christmas week with my family in Toowoomba but floodwaters intervened so I just had to live in my urban fantasy world instead. *grins*

Steph and I had lunch at Bargara Berries today to celebrate the end of the old year (and my old novel) and to toast in a new year – and a new Shahkara tale. I had planned to rest for a few weeks and let my fried brain cells revert back to coherent grey matter but, as soon as I arrived home, I felt this crazy impulse to start work on the second book in the Elnara Trilogy. I thought I’d be tired of writing about Max and Shahkara – obviously not. The working title of my new MS is The Ghost She Killed and it is absolutely delicious. I’m excited at the new directions in which I’m taking my characters. Max and Shah, hold onto your caps, swords and everything else! This next one is going to be a rollercoaster!

One thought on “Shahkara – finished!

  • January 3, 2011 at 12:33 am

    Hey Cher!
    I must say the site is looking great! Just finished chapter 9 and I’ll tell you, you’ve got my hooked! You will definitely have me on as a returning reader (but you already knew that) and the quotes you have given Max are the best! You should be hearing quite a bit of feedback from me at our next meeting. Congratulations on your completed MS and website.


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