Sisters of the Shadows launches into the light

SOTS cover on whiteBlast the trumpet and sound the cymbals: The fabulous Sisters of the Shadows anthology launched overnight and is now available on both Amazon and Smashwords.

This particular eBook, a collaboration of novellas by WriteFest buddies Sue-Ellen Pashley, Shelley Russell Nolan, Christina Craig and myself, includes the first-time publication of my beloved “The Pool of Rathorne”, a magical story very dear to my heart.

In this post-apocalyptic/steampunk tale, Tasha Severin is a woman in hiding on an impossible quest. (You know how much I love impossible quests, right?)

The Pool of Rathorne’s healing waters promise a cure in a world where the crippled are shunned and the Cursed are imprisoned. Concealing her hideous affliction beneath a witch’s robes, and casting an illusion spell, Tasha boards a steam train bound for Rathorne where her life collides with the daring and enigmatic Raoul Duberger. But beneath his expensive cloak and aristocratic presence, Raoul is also hiding his true identity. His lies are a foil for deadly truths, some of which may change her destiny forever. In a kingdom where secrets are worth killing for, does Tasha have the courage to trust a stranger and risk her life for the sake of a prophecy and an oppressed land?

For the past year, I’ve rather felt like Tasha, living in the shadows, battling the everyday challenges of work, family, sickness and our constantly-changing, ever-chaotic lives.

But maybe the launch of this anthology will remind me to return to the light, to spend more time each day in the sunshine, knowing that when we embrace our magic, it changes other people’s lives – not just our own.

Now tell me… What are you hiding from?

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